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Stephan Barg


Stephan Barg has been with IISD since its inception in 1990. His research has focused on the interconnections between government and corporate policy, and the tools used in each arena to foster sustainable development. This work builds on his previous experience as a government finance official and as a corporate finance and planning executive.

Currently his research focus is economic instruments, and how governments can use them to help economies move toward sustainable development. In particular, taxation and expenditure policies of governments in Canada and India, and the reduction of perverse subsidies are active projects.

This work builds on other research Stephan has conducted at IISD, such as the reform of government taxation and expenditure programs. He was co-editor of Green Budget Reform (1995, Earthscan, London), and his paper “Eliminating Perverse Subsidies: What’s the Problem?” was prepared for and presented at an OECD workshop on the topic, and published in Subsidies and Environment: Exploring the Linkages, OECD, Paris, 1996.

Stephan’s other main research interest is management tools for sustainable development. Management tools are also important to the public sector, and IISD has worked with the Departments of National Defence and Indian and Northern Affairs to develop tools to help analyse their programs from a sustainable development viewpoint.

Prior to joining IISD, he was CEO of the Public Investments Corporation of Manitoba (a Crown corporation), and a finance and planning executive in several large Crown corporations in Saskatchewan.

  • Education

    Master of Philosophy – Economics of Public Finance (1974): University of York, United Kingdom.

    Bachelor of Science (1969): McGill University.