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Sarah Brewin

Associate, Agriculture and Investment Advisor

Sarah Brewin joined IISD in 2017 as an advisor on agriculture and investment for the Economic Law and Policy program. Sarah advises developing country governments and regional bodies on laws, policies, contracts and treaties relating to investment in agriculture.

Sarah is based in Kigali, Rwanda, where she worked for two years as a legal advisor to the Rwandan Ministry of Trade and Industry providing legal and policy advice on investment, competition and consumer protection, industrial policy, intellectual property, and other areas of economic law. Sarah has also worked as an embedded legal advisor to the Samoan Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, and as a consultant in an international development consultancy specialising in law, justice and investment climate reform.

Sarah began her career as an investigator in competition law enforcement at the Australian competition and consumer protection authority, and is qualified to practice law in Australia.

  • IISD Best Practices Series: Security for Costs
    IISD Best Practices Series: Security for CostsThis IISD Best Practices paper explores challenges for states in obtaining orders for security of costs and provides model treaty language designed to help overcome those challenges.
  • Tourist Trap: Is tourism's explosive growth hurting countries?
    Tourist Trap: Is tourism's explosive growth hurting countries?Countries are learning hard lessons as global tourism has almost doubled between 2000 and 2017. As the growth of global tourism continues to expand, international tourists arriving in developing countries are projected to grow at double the rate of advanced economies.
  • Education

    MSc Development Management, London School of Economics, 2015

    Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University, 2013

    Bachelor of Laws, Australian National University, 2009