Canada and Agenda 21

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Canadian Responses to Agenda 21: An Assessment

This electronic publication was first compiled and released on diskette in 1994. It provides the framework and context for sustainable development action in Canada, and a benchmark of our progress towards a sustainable society.

At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janerio, June 1992, governments from around the world agreed to Agenda 21. This workplan identifies what needs to be done by all of us to achieve sustainable development in the 21st century.

Canadian responses to Agenda 21 were compiled by representatives of all sectors of Canadian society, meeting as part of the Projet de société.. We have endeavoured to capture the essence of Agenda 21; identify Canadian policies and positions with respect to Earth Summit objectives; and identify what Canadians are doing, or are planning to do, which is consistent with those objectives.

This version of Canada and Agenda 21 presents you with the chapter by chapter assessment of Agenda 21 from Canadian perspectives, linked to the full text of each chapter of Agenda 21 itself.

Please note: We have provided links to Agenda 21 files located in the CIESIN collection of UNCED documents. Only selected chapters are available in the final edited version. Where necessary, we have provided a link to the "pre-final", advanced version of Agenda 21. The official version of Agenda 21 is available in print and on CD-ROM from the United Nations Publications Sales office.

IISD's Canada and Agenda 21 diskette also includes:

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Agenda 21 Chapters

1: Preamble

2: International Cooperation Sarah Richardson

3: Combatting Poverty Catherine O'Brien

4: Changing Consumption Patterns Elizabeth May

5: Demographic Dynamics and Sustainability Theodora Carroll-Foster

6: Protection And Promotion Of Human Health Trevor Hancock

7: Promoting Human Sustainable Development Gordon Clifford

8: Integration Of Environment And Development In Decision Making Francois Bregha

9: Protection Of The Atmosphere Environment Canada

10: Integrated Planning And Management Of Land Resources Nigel Richardson

11: Combatting Deforestation Steve Thompson

12: Combatting Desertification And Drought Steve Thompson

13: Sustainable Mountain Development Theodora Carroll-Foster/Hugo Li Pun

14: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Dept. of Agriculture

15: Conservation Of Biological Diversity Elizabeth May

16: Environmentally Sound Management Of Biotechnology

17: Protection Of Oceans And Their Living Resources Judith Swan

18: Protection Of Freshwater Resources Sandra Scott

19: Environmentally Sound Management Of Toxic Chemicals Gordon Clifford

20: Environmentally Sound Management Of Hazardous Wastes Gordon Clifford

21: Environmentally Sound Management of Solid Wastes & Sewage-Related Issues Gordon Clifford

22: Safe & Environmentally Sound Management Of Radioactive Wastes Gordon Clifford

23: Strengthening The Role Of Major Groups : Preamble to Section III

24: Global Action for Women towards Sustainable & Equitable DevelopmentTheodora Carroll-Foster

25: Children And Youth In Sustainable Development Sarah Murdoch

26: Recognizing & Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People Inuit Circumpolar Conference

27: Strengthening The Role Of NGOs: Partners For S. D. Theodora Carroll-Foster

28: Local Authorities Initiatives In Support Of Agenda 21 Gordon Clifford

29: Strengthening The Role Of Workers And Their Trade Unions

30: Strengthening The Role Of Business And Industry George Miller

31: The Scientific And Technological Community Environment Canada

32: Strengthening The Role Of Farmers Vahid Aidun

33: Financial Assistance Mathew Kiernan

34: Technology Transfer Theodora Carroll-Foster

35: Science For Sustainable Development Environment Canada

36: Education, Public Awareness And Training Carla Doucet

37: National Mechanisms & International Cooperation for Capacity Building Theodora Carroll-Foster & Tim Dottridge

38: International Institutional Arrangements Miriam Wyman

39: International Legal Instruments And Mechanisms Elizabeth May

40: Information For Decision Making Robert Valantin; Heather Creech

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