World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development

Final Report Released

The Commission has released its Final Report. The ten recommendations were:

  1. Stop the destruction of the earth's forests: their material products and ecological services are severely threatened.
  2. Use the world's rich forest resources to improve life for poor people and for the benefit of forest-dependent communities.
  3. Put the public interest first and involve people in decisions about forest use.
  4. Get the price of forests right, to reflect their full ecological and social values, and to stop harmful subsidies.
  5. Apply sustainable forest management approaches so we may use forests without abusing them.
  6. Develop new measures of forest capital so we know whether the situation is improving or worsening.
  7. Plan for the use and protection of whole landscapes, not the forest in isolation.
  8. Make better use of knowledge about forests, and greatly expand this information base.
  9. Accelerate research and training so sustainable forest management can become a reality quickly.
  10. Take bold political decisions and develop new civil society institutions to improve governance and accountability regarding forest use.
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The maps of Forest Distribution 8000 years ago and Current Forest Distribution are available in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format (if your browser does not load the graphic it may not support this format of image) and provide better on screen viewing than those included in the Summary Report above. They are very large and you will need to scroll to view all the areas. They are provided in this size so details are visible.

For more information about the Commission and its follow up activities, contact:
Ajit Krishnaswamy, WCFSD Secretariat – 204/958 7700, 204/958 7756