From Bali to Copenhagen

IISD's Bali to Copenhagen project, which ran from June 2008 to March 2010, looked for ways that trade and investment policies might be harnessed to help achieve climate change objectives. The project produced a range of research across six different thematic areas:

The Regional Consultations

As part of the Bali to Copenhagen project, IISD convened three regional consultations to ground the research in the concerns of developing countries and to raise awareness in those countries about the key issues.


Even the best policy research is useless unless it reaches its target audience. IISD staff have been invited to a significant number of events to share the research results from the Bali to Copenhagen project. As well, IISD has organized or co-organized several events dedicated to sharing those results. A few of IISD's events are highlighted below:

The Bali to Copenhagen project was made possible by generous support from the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.