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IISD's work covers a broad sweep of strategies, tools and policy advice needed to respond effectively to today's environmental, economic and social challenges. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable Electricity Systems

    Sustainable Electricity Systems

    Creating electricity systems that recover costs, invest for the future and meet environmental objectives. 

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  • Trade


    IISD focuses on national and international policies to ensure that trade fosters sustainable development

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  • Water Science and Policy

    Water Science and Policy

    Leveraging IISD’s world-class scientific and policy expertise in the water sector.  

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  • Water-Energy-Food Security

    Water-Energy-Food Security

    Promoting policy that recognizes the links among water, energy and food security.

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  • Watersheds and the Bioeconomy

    Watersheds and the Bioeconomy

    Expanding the benefits of bioeconomies globally.

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