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Components of an Internet Communications Strategy

By Abdallah Hassan, Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)
May 2001

An Internet communications strategy should always include the following components:

Mission statement

This statement should give the background information and explain the need to establish the Internet services.

Objectives and goals

  • Why do you need a Web site? Clearly stated reason why the establishment of an Internet site is of paramount importance.
  • Who do you want to reach online (i.e., your target audience)? Although the Web site can be accessed by anyone, it is very important to identify up front key targeted audiences.
  • The source of the content: What is the source of the information and the knowledge of the author about the subject and issues?
  • The content itself: What type, quality and currency of information would you like to include? Does the information reflect the needs of the intended audience?


  • Accuracy: How reliable is the information?
  • Authorship: Is the author identified? What are their qualifications?
  • Content architecture: General layout, design and usability—is the site clearly laid out and easy to navigate? Is the site dynamic?


What is the expected impact of the site to the intended user?

Scope and coverage

Subject areas, time lines, content, etc. should all be established. It is also important to determine your geographical boundaries. Is the site intended to cover local, regional or global information?

Marketing and dissemination

The Internet communications strategy should include information on how the site is going to disseminate and market its products (e.g., through mailing lists, print materials, links, etc.).

Finance and management

The Internet communications strategy should clearly identify the source of funds and how the funds are going to be managed.

Human resources

The strategy should also indicate the management of the site in relation to the overall management of the organization, and the number of staff needed along with job descriptions.

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