Agenda for Change - Agenda 21 in plain language A plain language version of Agenda 21
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Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

Agenda for Change

Statement of Principles on Forests

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Convention on Biological Diversity

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"Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1992. The largest- ever meeting of world leaders makes critical decisions about how we can run our economies secure our future. What 179 countries agreed to is nothing less than a blueprint on how to make the future development of our world economically, socially and environmentally sound and sustainable. The Earth Summit’s Agenda for Change explains in clear terms what was decided in Rio. This may be the most important book you will read, because the Rio decisions have the potential to change the way you will live and work from now into the next century. "
Michael Keating. 1993. Agenda for Change: A Plain Language Version of Agenda 21 and Other Rio Agreements. Centre for Our Common Future, Geneva, Switzerland 70+ p.

The Centre was a charitable foundation founded in 1988 to encourage greater public and institutional involvement throughout the world in efforts to achieve sustainable development. IISD thanks the author for providing us with the text from "Agenda for Change". This version does not contain graphics and tables from the original print edition. To order print copies, please visit the IISD Products Catalogue.