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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • To phase out coal, world leaders should learn from tobacco action

    Climate Home News - December 10, 2017  "Taking the world “beyond coal” will require more than PPCA in its present form. Fortunately, international governance has a useful precedent. Coal phase-out champions should learn from the global action against tobacco."

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  • The cost of pollution is much higher than we think

    The Globe and Mail - December 07, 2017  "Thanks to work by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), we now have a much better estimate of the costs of pollution to Canada. In a report released earlier this year, IISD found that pollution costs Canadians many billions a year in lost health and well-being."

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  • Seeing through the smog: Role of subsidies in pushing for 'clean' or 'dirty' energy economy

    Business Standard - December 06, 2017  "With a rising population and fast-growing economy, energy demand in India is increasing rapidly. Is the country embarking upon a clean energy or a fossil fuel-dependent approach to meet this rising demand?"

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  • Air Pollution and Class in America and a Canada Lakes Project

    Science Island - December 02, 2017  "Pauline Gerrard is the deputy director of a very special project in Canada's far North to monitor pollution's effects on our ecosystems." (Interview starts at 22:43)

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  • Dirty Dollars

    Toronto Star - November 30, 2017  "Smog led to $36 billion in healthcare and other costs in 2015 and more than 7,700 deaths in Canada were attributed to various components of smog, according to a recent report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development."

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  • Man. looks to ALUS as it changes wetlands management rules

    Western Producer - December 01, 2017  “The IISD commends the government of Manitoba on the development of a much needed sustainable watersheds act,” said Dimple Roy, director, water policy, IISD. “Now we look forward to collaborating on robust, evidence-based evaluation systems to ensure benefits for all Manitobans, today and into the future.”

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  • India saved $15 billion on energy subsidies in past two years: Report

    Business Standard - December 01, 2017  "India has saved over $15 billion on energy subsidies in the past two years, on the back of reforms to curb wasteful consumption in oil and gas subsidies along with the decrease in global oil prices, said a report by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD)."

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  • Nordic countries push the switch – from fossil fuel subsidies to sustainable energy investment

    Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way - November 20, 2017  “USD 425 billion is a huge amount, which could be used much more wisely,” says Laura Merrill of the IISD’s Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI).

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  • Ending Coal: From Diplomacy to Implementation

    The Energy Collective - November 20, 2017  "The alliance is not just open to national and sub-national governments, but also businesses and other organizations. What unites them all is the ambition “to accelerate clean growth and climate protection through the phase-out of… existing traditional coal power” and placing “a moratorium on any new traditional coal power stations.”"

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  • The climate has changed before. But this is different – look at the archeological record

    The Guardian - November 09, 2017  "In 2009 – 2 years prior to the Arab Spring – the International Institute for Sustainable Development warned that rising temperatures due to climate change could impact crop yields and increase violent conflict in the Middle East."

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