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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • Website to track city's sustainability development progress

    Winnipeg Sun - June 15, 2018  The website is an example to other cities not just in Canada, but the rest of the world Jane McDonald, the managing director for IISD, said after the unveiling. MacDonald said the website will first be expanded to other Canadian cities and then internationally.

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  • Dismantling of Ontario’s cap-and-trade program could render more than $2-billion in emission allowances worthless

    The Globe and Mail - June 10, 2018  Doug Ford’s commitment to end cap-and-trade could render worthless more than $2-billion of existing emission allowances held by businesses in Ontario and elsewhere, while leaving industry and consumers facing a more onerous federal carbon levy.

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  • Canada's billions in fossil fuel subsidies to go under the microscope

    The Canadian Press - June 15, 2018  The report, completed by Oil Change International and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, concluded that the seven biggest developed economies in the world collectively contribute more than $100 billion a year to help the fossil fuel industry.

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  • Restoring freshwater ecosystems

    TBNewsWatch - June 13, 2018  "A biology professor at Lakehead University has been awarded $150,000 in grants to study freshwater ecosystem recovery strategies at the Experimental Lakes Area and walleye populations on Lake Superior."

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  • OPINION: Funneling infrastructure money through ‘climate lens’ far-sighted

    Halifax Chronicle Herald - June 01, 2018  The Government of Canada announced Friday that it is adopting a “climate lens” for new federally supported infrastructure projects. This climate lens goal is to make climate change considerations part of the planning and development of new infrastructure projects. This is a welcome and overdue initiative for Canada.

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  • In export- and domestic-driven coal boon, Indonesia neglects renewables

    Mongabay - May 30, 2018  Indonesia will miss its target of generating 23 percent of its energy from new and renewable sources by 2025 unless it makes significant policy and regulatory changes, according to a report from the Geneva-based Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

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  • G7 Summit assessment

    CTV News Network - June 09, 2018  During one of the most fractious G7 meetings, our David McLaughlin shares insights on climate leadership and major issues.

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  • Mussels flex reach, threaten northern Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba Hydro stations

    CBC Manitoba - May 27, 2018  ​"The concerns are all over the map about what's going to happen to the lake. We've heard everything from zebra mussels won't have a big impact on the lake to the lake is dead," said Scott Higgins, research scientist with the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Experimental Lakes Area, southeast of Kenora, Ont."

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  • Experts Warn Invasive Zebra Mussel Could Spread to Other Provinces

    City TV - May 23, 2018  IISD-ELA's Scott Higgins explains why zebra mussels are such a problem for Canada's lakes, and how we can try to minimize the problem.

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  • Scientists are planning an oily bitumen spill in this Ontario lake

    National Observer - May 22, 2018  "They’ll look at how the oil changes chemically and physically over time, and how the toxicity changes chemically and physically over time," said Palace, a toxicologist with 25 years of experience. "That will be a 12-week study and we will follow up the residual impacts over the next several years."

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