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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • Lake trout adjust to the effects of climate change

    CTV News Winnipeg - August 17, 2017  CTV News Winnipeg report on IISD Experimental Lakes Area's latest findings that lake trout are adapting their behaviour to the effects of climate change.

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  • Lake trout 'a canary in a coal mine' for climate change: researcher

    CBC Manitoba - August 15, 2017  "Researchers watched the feeding habits of lake trout at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario over an 11-year span and found the fish can quickly adapt their behaviour — moving to deeper and cooler parts of the lake to feed — as water temperatures rise."

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  • Dans les lacs, la truite s'adapte aux changements climatiques, selon une étude

    CBC Radio-Canada - August 15, 2017  (French-language article) « La truite réagit rapidement aux changements de la température de l'eau. Aussitôt que la température devient trop élevée, le poisson quitte les eaux peu profondes, et biologiquement plus productives pour s'aventurer dans les parties les plus profondes du lac où la nourriture se fait plus rare, explique Matthew Guzzo. Et lorsqu'un prédateur de cette envergure...

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  • Why Engaging Civil Society Organizations is Key for the SDGs

    Huffington Post - August 10, 2017  "The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a shared agenda for all of us. Practically, this means that there are numerous entry points in which to engage: from consultations and defining new policies and programs, to implementing specific goals, to changing cultures, behaviours and practices — all necessary to realize the transformative potential of the SDGs."

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  • Horgan government urged to resist oilpatch calls for subsidies

    National Observer - August 09, 2017  "Amin Asadollahi, North American lead on climate change mitigation for the International Institute for Sustainable Development, fundamentally disagreed with CAPP’s climate logic. Fluctuating market prices, he explained, ultimately have a much bigger impact on the industry’s returns than B.C.’s carbon tax — which companies can actually write off on their taxes as an expense."

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  • New Manitoba coalition pushes premier to put price on carbon

    CBC Manitoba - August 03, 2017  "The Manitoba Carbon Pricing Coalition launched on the steps of the Legislative Building on Thursday morning. The group plans to push the provincial government to put a price on carbon. The coalition is made up of climate activists and public policy experts from groups including the Green Action Centre and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives."

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  • New Coalition Call for Carbon Pricing in Manitoba

    CTV News - August 03, 2017 

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  • Suzuki dishes on why environmental rights should be non-partisan

    National Observer - August 02, 2017  "A study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development shows pollution alone costs Canada more than $39 billion a year."

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  • Algae explosion fouls Lake Winnipeg

    Winnipeg Free Press - July 31, 2017  "Matt McCandless, executive director of IISD Experimental Lakes Area, said he doesn’t yet know how the lake’s zebra mussel problem will impact the algae, but said Lake Erie researchers saw algae increase in beach areas when the mussels arrived."

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  • By Ending ‘Zombie Energy’, India Could Cut Premature Deaths From Air Pollution by 65%

    India Spend - July 31, 2017  "Subsidies given to fossil fuels unlock what is called “zombie energy”, energy from deposits that would not be commercially viable to produce without government help, according to this 2017 paper published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), a global not-for-profit organisation based in Canada."

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