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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • Millions of Canadian Lakes Could Hold Clues About Ancient Life

    VICE - April 28, 2017  "Some lakes in Canada look like the oceans on our planet that existed some 2.5 billion years ago, when microbial life thrived in an oxygen-free environment. And what's living in those lakes today could help scientists understand what early life forms on Earth were like, too, an important piece of the puzzle in understanding how all of us came to be."

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  • Public opposition leaves loss-making electricity distribution firms powerless to raise tariffs

    Scroll.in - April 17, 2017  "To understand how consumers react to tariff reforms, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, a policy research institute based out of Canada, undertook a survey in which respondents were questioned about their knowledge of existing electricity subsidies and their scale, their thoughts on tariff reforms and willingness to pay for a more reliable supply."

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  • Report highlights jobs and revenue impact of automation in mining

    Mining Weekly - April 21, 2017  “Our analysis suggests that host countries will increasingly be at risk of reduced socioeconomic benefits from mining as existing new technologies are further rolled out in the near and medium terms,” says report lead author and IISD development economist Aaron Cosbey.

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  • Seafood joins fair trade revolution, a scallop at a time

    Missourian - April 16, 2017  Jason Potts, a senior associate with the International Institute for Sustainable Development located in Montreal, said the question of "are these things actually working?" remains a difficult one to answer. "We're attempting to answer this question. My message to the world is we need more impact research, and more data. Better data," he said.

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  • UK Is In No Position to Lecture Saudis on Oil Dependence

    The Energy Collective - April 18, 2017  "UK prime minister Theresa May visited Riyadh in early April with the intent of “deepening a true strategic partnership” and “helping to wean Saudi Arabia off oil dependency”. That’s rich. In the North Sea oil fields, Britain is propping up a dying industry. Multi-billion tax breaks, supplemented in the 2017 budget, are given at the expense of diversifying the economy towards lower-carbon...

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  • Professors, students, advocates take to the streets in March for Science rally

    Winnipeg Free Press - April 22, 2017  Michael Paterson, a senior research scientist with IISD Experimental Lakes Area, said the days when scientific research was widely accepted based on data are on the wane. "Sadly, when you look at what is going on in the world, that's not the case," Paterson said. "Support for science is diminishing everywhere. If we don't speak out, leaders forget."

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  • Can Canada help rid the world of toxic pollution?

    National Observer - April 21, 2017  "In an increasingly isolationist world, with governmental polices around the globe turning inward, we cannot forget that nations must work together if we are to effectively tackle our most pressing environmental crises. Climate change, pollutants, chemicals—none of these respect national borders as they travel freely between our countries, wreaking whatever havoc they may."

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  • Nortel's toxic legacy: Cleaning up former sites to cost millions

    CBC Ottawa - April 12, 2017  "Under Canadian law the polluter is supposed to pay, but if there is no polluter [because] they've gone then taxpayers have to pick up the bill for doing the cleanup," said Scott Vaughan, president of the International Institute for Sustainable Development and former federal commissioner of the environment.

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  • That fleece you're wearing is starting to pill — and may be polluting Lake Winnipeg

    CBC Manitoba - April 06, 2017  "We're worried about it because of the potential effects [microplastics] can have on our ecosystems," said Mike Rennie, a senior author on the study and research fellow with the Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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  • Opinion: It's good business for cities to prepare for climate change

    Edmonton Journal - April 06, 2017  "Canadian cities need to take action to prepare for climate change impacts. It’s a smart investment. It’s good urban policy. And, perhaps less obviously, it’s strategic for business development."

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