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» December 13, 2009

Moving to a Low Carbon Development Pathway


Media Advisory

IISD Side Event: Moving to a Low Carbon Development Pathway

Monday, December 14, 2009, 09:00-10:15 CET (GMT +1)
Koncerthuset (The Concert House), DR Byen (Two Metro stops from the Bella Centre)
UNFCCC COP15, Copenhagen

This session will assess the challenges and opportunities to support the transition of developing countries to a low carbon development pathway, by mobilizing private sector investment for emerging market-based mechanisms.

There is positive momentum towards the establishment of national appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) and sector-based approaches to greenhouse gas reductions, at the international level. While this creates new opportunities, the degree to which any international agreement will be able to meet its climate change and sustainable development objectives will depend on its translation to real action at the national and sub-national level.

Private sector investment will also play a critical role in this process.

(Please see more about IISD at COP15 and related commentaries

Moderated by John Drexhage, IISD


Each participant will be invited to give 10 minutes of remarks, followed by a facilitated discussion.  

For more information, please contact IISD media and communication officer Nona Pelletier 
Cell: +1-(204)-962-1303.
(For local calls during COP15 in Copenhagen, please phone 53 97 61 23 until December 18, 2009)

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