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» Winnipeg, September 3, 2004

Human Development and Capability Association Launched

IISD pleased to be founding member of the association

On September 6, 2004, the Human Development and Capability Association will be launched at the 4th Capability Conference in Pavia, Italy. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen will be the first president of the association. The International Institute for Sustainable Development, through the efforts of Dr. Anantha Kumar Duraiappah, Director of Economic Policy, played a central role in the establishment of the association.

The Human Development and Capability Association mission is to promote quality research in the interconnected areas of human development and capability. The association will focus on research in areas where the human development and capability approach have made, and can make, significant contributions, including the quality of life, poverty, justice, gender, development and environment. It is also committed to supporting work in all disciplines—such as economics, philosophy, political theory, sociology and development studies—where such research is, or may be, pursued.

Activities of the association include regular conferences, training activities, Web communications and a listserv. The Human Development and Capability Association Web site can be found at More information about IISD's work related to Amartya Sen's research can be found here.

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