Article Series: Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Tracking Progress: International Cooperation to Reform Fossil-Fuel Subsidies

The leaders of the Group of Twenty (G-20) countries agreed in September 2009 to phase-out inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies over the medium term. This section of the GSI website is dedicated to tracking the progress that has taken place since this commitment – including developments at subsequent G-20 Summits, the similar commitment made by APEC Leaders in November 2009; the formation of a group of ‘Friends’ countries in support of both reform movements; and efforts to reduce fossil-fuel subsidies in international processes such as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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Mapping Options for a Voluntary Peer Review of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform within the G-20

Mapping Options for a Voluntary Peer Review of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform within the G-20 (PDF 378 KB)

This briefing presents options for a voluntary peer-review process within the G-20 and elsewhere for discussion at a roundtable event with members of the G-20, APEC and Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform. The briefing aims to identify feasible, short-term options for establishing a voluntary peer-review process within the political constraints of the G-20 commitment to reduce fossil-fuel subsidies.

The paper draws on a review of documents from the G-20 and other international forums, policy-research reports, academic literature and expert interviews.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies at Rio+20

The Global Subsidies Initiative was engaged with a number of partners and stakeholders to promote an ambitious outcome at Rio+20. This page summarizes its key activities.

Analysis: G-20 and APEC Progress

This GSI is engaged in analyzing the progress on fossil-fuel subsidy reform made by G-20 and APEC countries. To date, this includes a review of the G-20's first year since committing to phase out fossil-fuel subsidies; an exploratory investigation of tax- and royalty-related subsidies to oil extraction in five G-20 countries; and an analysis of the appropriate institutional home for fossil-fuel subsidy reform.

G-20 Summit Policy Briefs

Following the G-20's announcement to phase out fossil-fuel subsidies, and prior to each subsequent G-20 Summit, the GSI has released policy briefs analysing what countries need to do and what has been done so far to implement fossil-fuel subsidy reform.

Library of Official G-20 Documents and Related Reports

This page lists all publicly available G-20 and APEC documents on the reform of fossil-fuel subsidies, as well as related publications.