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Reports: Reforming Kerosene Subsidies in India: Towards better alternatives

For the past 60 years kerosene in India has primarily been available as a subsidized commodity for households as an affordable cooking and illumination (lighting) fuel. The report finds that subsidizing kerosene fails to meet the objective of providing affordable cooking and lighting service to households. There is a clear case for alternatives to replace kerosene for its end services that could include any of the following: off-grid lighting, clean cooking provision or a direct benefit transfer for kerosene (DBT-K).

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Reports: Providing Clean Cooking Fuel in India: Challenges and solutions

India has the world’s largest concentration of population using biomass with inefficient stoves—about 840 million people in India rely fully or partially on traditional biomass for cooking. This report explores the issues and challenges of clean cooking in urban India through a case study of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh. The report analyzes results from a survey of 250 households in Ghaziabad district which yielded statistics and insights on clean cooking coverage and accessibility, energy usage and prices and how gender is an important determinant of cleaner cooking fuels.

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Reports: International Experiences With LPG Subsidy Reform

With diesel and gasoline reforms implemented in early 2015, the Government of Indonesia is now turning its focus toward liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) subsidies. This report investigates international experience and best practices on how to reform LPG subsidies, with a focus on countries’ efforts to ensure that energy access is not compromised by higher LPG prices.

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