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Studies: What Can the Poor Expect from Trade Liberalization?

The primary tools for determining the impact trade liberalization will have on poverty are multi-country Computable General Equilibrium Models (CGEM). However, the models that have been derived from this method have come to some very different results. In recent years these results have also been revised downwards, predicting more moderate gains from trade liberalization. Antoine Boukt, Sr. Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), examines this phenomenon in detail, comparing the merits of the various methodologies, and explaining why their results diverge.

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Studies: US-based Environmental Working Group releases new study

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has revealed some $1.5 Billion in agricultural subsidies tucked away in a congressional emergency relief bill. The subsidies' supporters say they are designed to help farmers cope with rising fuel costs. But according to the EWG, "the majority of America's farmers, ranchers and rural residents will be excluded from the new subsidy, as the aid is funneled yet again to recipients of annual crop subsidies, who already collected a record $23 billion in 2005."

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