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Biofuel Subsidy Estimation: Stakeholder Invitation

In consultation with stakeholders from the public and private sector, the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) intends to develop a White Paper on best practices to identify and measure subsidies to biofuels in the European Union. The GSI is now calling for written submissions from stakeholders with regard to their position on identifying and measuring biofuel subsidies.

Addendum to Biofuels–At What Cost? A review of costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies

The Global Subsidies Initiative has published an addendum to the report Biofuels–At What Cost? A review of costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies.

CORRECTION: IISD report on biofuels in the European Union revises estimate of excise tax emptions

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has revised down its estimate of the subsidies the European Union member states provide to the biofuels sector.

GSI Event: Uneven Returns? The Economics of the European Biofuels Policy

STRASBOURG—17 April—a breakfast event was held at the European Parliament Members' Salon on the costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies.

GSI Seminar: A Global Perspective on Biofuel Subsidies Reform in the EU

BRUSSELS – 4 December – An IISD-led seminar, A Global Perspective on Biofuel Subsidies Reform in the EU, gathered policy-makers and stakeholders from business and civil society at the European Parliament, with co-hosts GLOBE EU and Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, MEP.

EC proposes to revise biofuel subsidies

The European Commission released today a legislative proposal that would reduce support to conventional biofuels while creating additional incentives for advanced biofuels.

France Takes a U-turn on Biofuel Subsidies

PARIS – 12 September 2012 – The French cabinet has gathered to reconsider its policy that mandates and otherwise subsidizes the use of traditional crop-based biofuels. The new Socialist government's action plan for agriculture proposes that the use of crop-based biofuels should be capped at 7 per cent, the current level. This represents a U-turn from the previously-agreed EU objective.

Side-Event - Are biofuel subsidies ready to shift?

RIO DE JANEIRO –19 June 2012 – The GSI report State of Play on Biofuel Subsidies: Are policies ready to shift? was launched at a special discussion on biofuel subsidies organized by Nestlé S.A. on the Business Day at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.

The video below is a record of the full event, including contributions of the following speakers:

GSI Reviews Subsidies to Different Energy Technologies

The GSI releases two papers reviewing the literature on subsidies to different energy technologies: in a paper on electricity generation, looking at fossil fuels, renewable energy and nuclear power; and in a paper on transport fuel, looking at fossil fuels and biofuels. 

Nuffield Council of Bioethics publishes report on the ethics of biofuels

In mid-April, the Nuffield Council of Bioethics, an independent body that examines ethical issues in biology and medicine, launched the report Biofuels: ethical issues.