Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Library of Official G-20 Documents and Related Reports

This page lists all publicly available G-20 and APEC documents on the reform of fossil-fuel subsidies, as well as related publications.

It contains the following themes:

  1. G-20
    1. Leaders’ Declarations
    2. National Reporting
    3. The B-20
    4. The C-20
  2. APEC
    1. Leaders’ Declarations and Ministerial Statements
    2. Working Documents
  3. International Organizations
  4. Friends of fossil-fuel subsidy reform
  5. Third-party studies
    1. Earth Track and Oil Change International
    2. GSI
    3. The Munk School of Global Affairs’ G-20 Research Group


a. Leaders' Declarations

September 2013: The G-20 Saint Petersburg Leaders' Declaration

June 2012: The G-20 Los Cabos Summit Leaders’ Declaration

November 2011: The G-20 Cannes Summit Leaders’ Declaration

November 2010: The G-20 Seoul Summit Leaders' Declaration and Summit Document

June 2010: The G-20 Toronto Summit Declaration

September 2009: Leaders' Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit

b. National Reporting

June 2012: Summary of Progress Reports to G-20 Leaders on the Commitment to Rationalize and Phase Out Inefficient Fossil-Fuel Subsidies

June 2012: Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reduction Progress Report Compilation

June 2012: Policy Commitments by G-20 Members

November 2011: Cannes Action Plan for Growth – Annex of Commitments

November 2010: Table of Policy Commitments by G-20 Members

June 2010: Report to leaders on the G-20 commitment to rationalize and phase out inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies

June 2010: Annex: G-20 initiative on rationalizing and phasing out inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies. Implementation strategies & timetables

c. The B-20

July 2013: B-20-G-20 Partnership for Growth and Jobs - Recommendations from Business 20

June 2012: B-20 Task Force Recommendations

November 2011: Cannes B-20 Business Summit Final Report with Appendices

November 2010: Seoul G-20 Business Summit Joint Statement by Participating Companies​

November 2010: Seoul G-20 Business Summit Preliminary Findings and Recommendations from Participants (Discussion report for round table sessions)

d. The C-20

June 2013: Blog Post – G-20 Responds to Civil Society Recommendations on FFSR

a. Leaders' Declarations and Ministerial Statements

April 2013: Meeting of APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Statement

September 2012: Leaders’ Declaration Annex B - Strengthening APEC Energy Security

September 2012: APEC Ministerial Meeting Joint Statement

June 2012: APEC Energy Ministerial Meeting St. Petersburg Declaration - Energy Security: Challenges and Strategic Choices

November 2011: 2011 Leaders’ Declaration. The Honolulu Declaration - Toward a Seamless Regional Economy.

November 2011: APEC Ministerial Meeting Statement

November 2010: 2010 Leaders' Declaration. Yokohama declaration - The Yokohama vision - Bogor and beyond

June 2010: 2010 APEC energy ministerial meeting. Fukui Declaration - Low carbon paths to energy security: Cooperative energy solutions for a sustainable APEC

November 2009: 2009 Leaders' Declaration. Singapore declaration - Sustaining growth, connecting the region

b. Working Documents

March 2013: Development of a Voluntary Peer Review of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform

March 2013: 44th Energy Working Group Meeting - Summary Record

February 2013: Energy Working Group (EWG) Proposed Work Plan for 2013

November 2012: Progress Report on Implementing Strategies for Rationalizing and Phasing Out Inefficient Fossil-Fuel Subsidies – Canada

November 2012: Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform (FFSR) Voluntary Report - New Zealand

June 2012: Letter of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chair 2012 to APEC Energy Ministers

March 2012: 2012 Energy Working Group Work Plan

October 2011: Proposed Voluntary Reporting Mechanism & Reporting Template (Pages 3-4)

March 2012: Summary Report - 43rd Energy Working Group Meeting 2012 

October 2011: Energy Working Group (EWG) Lead Shepherd Letter to Senior Officials on Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Energy Intensity Reduction, and Environmental Goods and Services

September 2011: Agenda - Policy Dialogue on Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform 2011 (Presentations from meeting available here)

September 2011: Summary Report – 42nd Energy Working Group Meeting 2011

May 2011: Energy Working Group Work Plan: 2011

May 2011: Discussion Paper on Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reductions

May 2011: Summary Report - 41st Energy Working Group Meeting 2011

May 2011: Report on the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) 2010 Recommendations

November 2010: Summary Report - 40th Energy Working Group Meeting 2010

International Organizations

OECD and IEA Databases of Energy Subsidies

June 2013: World Energy Outlook Special Report 2013 – Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map

May 2013: Compilation of information on mitigation benefits of actions, initiatives and options to enhance mitigation ambition (UN Technical Paper)

May 2013: A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies Through Sustainable Development (UN High-level Panel)

January 2013: IMF Energy Subsidy Reform – Lessons and Implications​

January 2012: UN Secretary General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability (GSP) “Resilient People, Resilient Planet – A Future Worth Choosing”

October/November 2011: Joint report by IEA, OPEC, OECD, and World Bank on fossil-fuel and other energy subsidies – An update of the G20 Pittsburgh and Toronto Commitments​

November 2010: The scope of fossil-fuel subsidies in 2009 and a roadmap for phasing out fossil-fuel subsidies. An IEA, OECD, and World Bank Joint Report prepared for the G-20 Summit, Seoul (Republic of Korea), 11-12 November 2010​

June 2010: Analysis of the scope of energy subsidies and suggestions for the G-20 initiative. IEA, OPEC, OECD, World Bank Joint Report Prepared for submission to the G-20 Summit Meeting Toronto (Canada), 26-27 June 2010

Friends of fossil-fuel subsidy reform

September 2013: Nordic Countries and United States Statement

April 2013: ‘Friends of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform’ Roundtable for G20 Countries on Recent Progress and Peer Review of Fossil-fuel Subsidy Reform

December 2012: COP 18 Side Event: Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform—Best practice and international governance opportunities

June 2012: GSI Side-Event - Breaking Down the Political Barriers to Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform

March 2012: Side Event Summary – Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: Building momentum at Rio and beyond

February 2012: Following the Money: Fossil-fuel subsidy reform en route from Durban to Rio+20

October 2010: International political developments and the role of the "Friends" group in progressing subsidy reform

June 2010: New Zealand announces Friends of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform group (video)

Third-party studies
a. Earth Track and Oil Change International

June 2012: Report – Phasing Out Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in the G20: A Progress Update

June 2012: Report – Low Hanging Fruit: Fossil-Fuel Subsidies, Climate Finance, and Sustainable Development

November 2010: G-20 fossil-fuel subsidy phase out: A review of current gaps and needed changes to achieve success

b. GSI

July 2013: Mapping Options for a Voluntary Peer Review of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform with the G-20

June 2012: Progressing on subsidy reform: addressing the barriers

June 2012: Rio+20 Side-Event: Overcoming the barriers to subsidy reform for a greener economy

August 2011: Policy Brief – A High-Impact Initiative for Rio+20: A pledge to phase out fossil-fuel subsidies

January 2011: The First Year of the G-20 Commitment on Fossil-Fuel Subsidies: A commentary on lessons learned and the path forward

November 2010: GSI Policy Brief - Delivering on G-20 Commitments: The path to fossil-fuel subsidy reform

October 2010: GSI-UNEP Conference Report - Increasing the Momentum of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: Developments and Opportunities

July 2010: Increasing the Momentum of Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: A roadmap for international cooperation

June 2010: GSI Policy Brief - Delivering on the G-20 commitment to reform fossil-fuel subsidies: essential outcomes from Toronto

November 2009: GSI Policy Brief - Achieving the G-20 Call to Phase Out Subsidies to Fossil Fuels

c. The Munk School of Global Affairs' G-20 Research Group

December 2012: MAPPING G20 DECISIONS IMPLEMENTATION How G20 is delivering on the decisions made DRAFT REPORT

June 2012: 2011 Cannes G-20 Summit Final Compliance Report [Section: Energy – Fossil-Fuel Subsidies]

December 2011: G20 Climate Change and Energy Accountability: The G20 Summit’s Compliance Record, 2008 to 2011

November 2011: 2010 Seoul G-20 Summit Final Compliance Report [Section: Energy – Fossil Fuels]

November 2010: 2010 G-20 Toronto Summit final compliance report

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