Article Series: Biofuel Subsidies

Biofuels Policy Briefs

Policy briefs on biofuels subsidies.

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Cultivating Governance: Cautionary Tales for Biofuel Policy Reformers

The policy brief analyzes the current developments around the emerging U-turns on government support to biofuels internationally. Based on desk research as well as interviews with stakeholders, its seeks to provide guidance for biofuel policy reformers on good governance principles in view of pressures from different interest groups.

The brief’s key messages are universal, but may be of special relevance to policy-makers in the EU in light of the European Commission’s proposal of 17 October 2012 to limit the use of food-based biofuels to 5 per cent until 2020 in contributing to the 10 per cent target of renewable energy in transport.

Should We be Concerned About Competition Between Food and Fuel?

This policy brief discusses the impact of European Union and United States consumption targets on food commodity prices and provides a number of recommendations to help reduce competition between already constrained agricultural markets and increasing biofuel production.

Corruption and Fraud in Agricultural and Energy Subsidies: Identifying the Key Issues

Governments appear willing to provide publically funded subsidy programs totalling billions of dollars, but they commit significantly fewer resources to monitor these programs effectively to prevent fraud and or corruption. This policy brief identifies some of the main areas of subsidy policy affected by fraud and corruption, providing examples of some high profile cases.