Biofuel Events

GSI Event: Uneven Returns? The Economics of the European Biofuels Policy

STRASBOURG—17 April—a breakfast event was held at the European Parliament Members' Salon on the costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies.

GSI Seminar: A Global Perspective on Biofuel Subsidies Reform in the EU

BRUSSELS – 4 December – An IISD-led seminar, A Global Perspective on Biofuel Subsidies Reform in the EU, gathered policy-makers and stakeholders from business and civil society at the European Parliament, with co-hosts GLOBE EU and Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, MEP.

Side-Event - Are biofuel subsidies ready to shift?

RIO DE JANEIRO –19 June 2012 – The GSI report State of Play on Biofuel Subsidies: Are policies ready to shift? was launched at a special discussion on biofuel subsidies organized by Nestlé S.A. on the Business Day at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.

The video below is a record of the full event, including contributions of the following speakers:

Media Forum: Bangkok, Thailand

BANGKOK - 23-24 July 2009 - In partnership with the Southeast Asia bureau of the Inter Press Service, the GSI held its fifth media forum, bringing together 13 journalists from across the region and a variety of energy and climate change experts. The forum featured an ambitious agenda that centered on energy and climate change policies in South East Asia. The second day was dedicated to developing creative journalistic articles on related themes.

Media Forum: Pretoria, South Africa

PRETORIA - 3-4 November 2008 - In partnership with the South Africa Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA), the Trade Knowledge Network (TKN), and the Inter Press Service (IPS), the GSI convened a media forum for journalists in Southern Africa. The forum brought together journalists from across the region to analyze ways in which subsidy policies have strengthened, or weakened, food security in the region.

Media Forum: Alexandria, Egypt

ALEXANDRIA - 17-19 April 2008 - The GSI drew together journalists to its third regional media forum in Egypt. The event focused on food security and the role that government biofuel policies were having in driving up food prices.

Media Forum: Alajuela, Costa Rica

On 27-29 March, in Alajuela, Costa Rica, the GSI held its second Regional Media Forum, in partnership with the INCAE School of Business and the Inter Press Service Latin America.

Media Forum: Mumbai, India

On March 26-28, 2007, the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) and the Forum of Environmental Journalists of India (FEJI) organized a media forum in Mumbai, India. The forum, which brought together 25 journalists from across India, focused on the role of subsidies in contributing to the agrarian crisis in India.

Ethanol: Boon or Boondoggle?

WASHINGTON DC - 8 November 2006 -  The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy notes that ethanol is being held up as a solution to a number of public policy concerns, including reducing conventional air pollutants, minimizing greenhouse-gas emissions, ending foreign oil dependency, reinvigorating the family farm, as well as a host of other ethanol-fueled dreams.