Sustainability Indicator Systems

Through multi-stakeholder deliberative processes, IISD’s Sustainability Indicator System Approach (SISA) helps communities and watersheds construct new social infrastructure for tracking progress toward well-being and sustainability and catalyzing collaborations to shape the future.

IISD’s SISA creates a truly three-dimensional information system: (i) including economicsocialenvironmental aspects; (ii) enabling communities to learn from the past, assess the present, and shape the future; and (iii) catalyzing citizengovernmentbusiness partnerships for sustainable development action.

www.mypeg.caTo learn more about SISA and to work with IISD contact the IISD Foresight Group.

Featured Communities

Peg is a community indicator system that tracks well-being in Winnipeg ( Peg is championed by the United Way of Winnipeg and IISD. The initiative brings stakeholders together to identify aspects of well-being and sustainability that are important to Winnipeggers and tracks them with available statistics. An innovative open-source web-based data visualization platform developed by Structured Dynamics LLC. is used, and formatted for the Internet by Tactica Interactive.

Sustainability Information Systems for First Nations Communities

The holistic approach of current sustainability thinking has been naturally applied by First Nations peoples for centuries. IISD works with First Nations communities to learn about sustainable development and to help communities create and track important indicators of wellbeing. For more information click here.

Sustainability Indicators for Governments and Businesses

Sustainability Indicators for Governments and Businesses

Whether you are a business or a provincial or federal government department, understanding clearly how you can contribute to well-being and sustainability in the community or watershed in which you operate is a complicated, yet critical task. Success on this front is crucial not only to the transition to sustainability, but to a business’s or government department’s social licence to operate locally.

IISD’s SISA is built to help connect the dots among the goals, aspirations and plans of living rooms, school rooms, board rooms and cabinet rooms using place-based sustainability indicators as the reference point for strategic and coordinated action. Contact the IISD Foresight Group to discover your relevance to local well-being and sustainability.


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