Scenario Planning and Foresight

Whether exploring what the future might look like, creating a shared vision for the future, or adapting to change, IISD’s Adaptive Scenario Analysis and Planning process (ASAP) can help your group collaborate with stakeholders to identify robust policies and programs and explore pathways for a sustainable future.

ASAPThe IISD Foresight Group has developed and applied a suite of ASAPs to meet a range of planning needs: (i) ASAP for Stress Testing for adapting to external stressors (i.e., climate change, economic shocks, etc.) (ii) ASAP for Alternative Futures for exploring what the future might look like. (iii) ASAP for Visioning for creating a shared vision of the future.

Complex issues demand that multiple perspective be brought together to collaborate on strategies and actions to achieve sustainability and resilience. Our suite of ASAPs are all highly deliberative and analytical processes, convening decision makers, local stakeholders, experts and computer modellers to better understand drivers of change and future trends, and to explore alternative pathways to a sustainable and resilient future.

To learn more about the ASAP suite of participatory scenario planning processes, contact the IISD Foresight Group.

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