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Welcome to IISD's interactive tool kit for greening your campus! These tools will help you to learn more about sustainable development and its relevance to you and your institution.

There are learning modules, case studies, action plans, environmental policies, resources, forums and contacts - all designed to help you, as part of the administration, as a student, or a member of faculty, implement sustainable development on your campus.

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Commitments made by university and college leaders: the context and purpose for implementing sustainable development on your campus.

A bookshelf of key reports and guides covering university leadership, green campus administration, curriculum issues and student actions.

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[ Learn Here ]

Review your understanding of "SD" and learn about integrating SD into the curriculum and then putting it into practice on campus.

[ Policy Bank ]

Find campus policies on procurement, recycling, waste management, and related issues. Use the prototype policy evaluation tool. Submit your policies.

The partners who provided funding and content for this site.

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