This staff member no longer works for IISD.

Project Officer

Rosemary Dohan is a Project Officer for IISD’s Water Innovation Centre as a part of the Natural and Social Capital Program. She has been with IISD since 2010 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management (MNRM) from the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Manitoba under the supervision of Dr. Nicola Koper. Her project studies the impacts of cattail (Typha spp.) harvesting on birds in the Netley-Libau marsh and other sites across the Manitoba landscape.

Originally Rosemary started at IISD carrying out research support for the nomination file of the Pimachiowin Aki Corporation’s bid for a UNESCO World Heritage Site. She has a complementary passion for geography and often finds herself immersed in the art of creating functional cartographic products. She has also recently completed her certification as an Arborist here in Manitoba.


  • Member, Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) as a Certified Environmental Practitioner in Training (EPt), specializing in Natural Resources Management, Research and Development
  • Member, Manitoba Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  • Member, Manitoba Wildlife Federation


  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies Honours Cooperative Education Program – Biodiversity and Conservation focus area (2010):  University of Manitoba (Honours project entitled Effectiveness of Woody Debris Piles in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest, Manitoba)
  • Certification as an Environmental Practitioner in Training (EPt) with specializations in Natural Resource Management and Research and Development (2010): The Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB)
  • Diploma, Human Services Counsellor – Addictions Counselling Major (2005): George Brown College
  • Certificate, Life Skills Coaching (2005): George Brown College

Ms Dohan left IISD in September 2012.
Cattails Harvesting for Carbon Offsets and Nutrient Capture: A "Lake Friendly" greenhouse gas project
Paper: Richard Grosshans, Philip Gass, Rosemary Dohan, Dimple Roy, Henry David Venema, Matthew McCandless (September 20, 2013)
Cattail (Typha spp.) Harvesting in Manitoba: A legislative and market analysis for operationalization and carbon emission offsets
Paper: Rosemary Dohan, Dimple Roy, Richard Grosshans, Philip Gass, Matthew McCandless, Henry David Venema (July 23, 2013)
Agricultural Participation in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Canada: Four case studies
Paper: Dimple Roy, Bryan Oborne, Karla Zubrycki, Rosemary Dohan, Henry David Venema (May 13, 2011)