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Institut international du développement durable


Project Manager

Karla Zubrycki’s work in the Natural and Social Capital Program is focused on the topics of EcoHealth, water security, integrated water resources management, community sustainability indicators and the history of the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

She joined IISD after completing her Master’s thesis in which she explored the inclusion of civil society in news media coverage of Lake Winnipeg nutrient loading, and how patterns in coverage might affect good governance and democracy.

Ms. Zubrycki also uses skills gained during her time as a media practitioner to help develop outreach materials for the Natural and Social Capital Program. Prior to working at IISD, she was a communications assistant at Food Matters Manitoba, and a freelance writer for numerous publications, including various industry magazines, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Selkirk Journal.


  • Member, Manitoba Master Composter Network.


  • Degree in Communications (2006): University of Winnipeg/Red River Community College.
  • Master of Environmental Studies (2010): University of Waterloo.
Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Agricultural Investment: A sustainable development guidebook
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Netley-Libau Nutrient-Bioenergy Project
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Water Security in Canada: Responsibilities of the federal government
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Agricultural Participation in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Canada: Four case studies
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Establishing a Foundation for Ecological Infrastructure Investments in the Red River Basin
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