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Brad Vincelette

Software Developer, Reporting Services

Brad Vincelette is a Software Developer for IISD Reporting Services (RS) and studied as a Computer Analyst/Programmer, graduating in 1998 from Red River College, in Winnipeg, Canada.

He has been architecting web software from the very start of his career using a wide variety of different languages and frameworks, and has been continually absorbing knowledge in as many areas of information technology and web branding, as the needs arise. He specializes in data-driven/workflow-oriented programming and is the developer of the IISDRS Hub, which is Brad’s own take on how the WordPress multi-site platform should operate for one team, yet branch out by issue area. The “Hub” was developed by improving on the well-devised “push-pull” strategy exemplified from the original/initial Climate Change Policy & Practice (http://climate-l.iisd.org/) website, by replacing manual/laborious workflows for a much simpler and automated approach to the management of all of IISD RS’s knowledge bases.

Additionally, he contributes to RS’s meeting coverage and side event photography work at various large UN conferences and negotiations around the globe. Brad has been with IISD Reporting Services since 2009 and plans to rise to even greater heights in the years to come with quality solutions and improvements to the very successful IISD Reporting Services’ web/data model.

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