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Suzy H. Nikièma

Suzy H. Nikièma

International Law Advisor

Suzy Nikièma is an International Law Advisor for the Economic Law and Policy program. Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Ms Nikièma provides legal and policy advice on sustainable investment. She has provided technical assistance to developing country governments, particularly in Africa, with respect to the negotiation, implementation, and drafting of investment treaties and treaty templates, and has published widely on the subject. She also has led the training of developing country officials on the negotiation of investment contracts, and assisted countries in designing their domestic investment laws.

Ms Nikièma is the Editor-in-Chief of the French edition of Investment Treaty News. She is a lecturer on international and regional trade law at the University Saint Thomas d'Aquin and on mining law at the University Aube Nouvelle, both in Burkina Faso. She has previously worked with UNDP/SURF Dakar on a substantial analysis of 15 international investment agreements.


  • Rapport d'évaluation de Madagascar
    Rapport d'évaluation de MadagascarThe growing demand for non-renewable mineral resources is among the world’s greatest sustainability challenges.But for many countries it can also...
  • IISD Best Practices Series: Performance Requirements in Investment Treaties
    IISD Best Practices Series: Performance Requirements in Investment TreatiesThis paper surveys the types of performance requirements (PRs) in use around the world, and briefly describes the WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs).
  • IISD Best Practices: Compensation for Expropriation
    IISD Best Practices: Compensation for ExpropriationThis paper is to analyzes the principles governing compensation for expropriation, as well as the primary methods of calculating the amount.
  • Best Practices: Definition of Investor
    Best Practices: Definition of InvestorThis paper looks at the criteria defining the range of protection granted to investors, and particularly at the role the nationality of an investor can play in investor-state arbitration.
  • Best Practices: Indirect Expropriation
    Best Practices: Indirect ExpropriationThis paper focuses on the definition of indirect expropriation in international investment law and aims to identify a set of criteria to overcome the existing issue of consistency and foreseeability while helping to provide a clear definition of the concept of indirect expropriation.
  • Education

    PhD – International Relations (2010): Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

    Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in International Relations (2006): Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

    Certificate of Transnational Law (2004): University of Geneva

    Master’s degree in Public Law (2004): University of Ouagadougou

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