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Kimberly Lewtas

Kimberly Lewtas

Project Manager

Kimberly Lewtas, a Project Officer for the Winnipeg-based Water program, has experience in policy analysis, reporting procedures, regulations, legislation, and impact assessments pertaining to water quality, and ecosystem health and management. Research for her Master’s thesis focused on analyzing metals  accumulation and concentrations in the greentail prawn, Metapenaeus bennettae, surface water and surface sediment in Sydney estuary, Australia to assess ecosystem health and sustainability, and the consequent risk to human health. The results of her research were presented to the City of Sydney to enable the re-evaluation of current resource management, conservation and fishery practices. 

From 2012 to 2013, Kimberly worked for the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) on the Sydney estuary water quality assessment project. Prior to that, she was an intern for The Nature Conservancy’s Great Lakes Program with the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Aquatic Conservation, which included freshwater sustainability and conservation relating to invasive species, and part of an invasive aquatic species research project with McGill University and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

  • Education

    Master of Science–Environmental Science (2013): University of Sydney

    Bachelor of Science–Environmental Science (2010): McGill University