Tibetan Community at Dharamsala, India

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Category of Activity

Humanitarian Activities

Brief Description

Since seeking refuge at Dharamsala in 1959, over 90,000 Tibetans have built a vibrant, democratic community. Dedicated to the "culture of the heart", it is based on Buddhist principals of non-violence, tolerance, interdependence, compassion, and respect for all living things and the environment. With aid from India, the United Nations and other donors, the community established its education, health care, economic, scientific and cultural initiatives in a manner which should inspire others in similar circumstances. For 34 years they have maintained their commitment to resolve conflict using peaceful means and to share what little they have with the continuing numbers who seek refuge with them.

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Contact Information

Rinchen Khando Choegyal Kalon
Tibetan Community at Dharamsala
Kashag, Central Tibetan Administration
Dharamsala, H.P., 176215 India
Tel. #: 91-1892-22218
Fax #: 91-1164-61914