Academia de las Lenguas Mayas, Guatemala

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Category of Activity

Cultural Development

Brief Description

The academy is the initial step taken by the Mayan communities in Guatemala to regain control of their cultural inheritance. Representing all linguistic groups in the country, the group makes available, through standardization of their written language, Mayan documents, myths and tales preserved by oral tradition. Rejecting the more than half dozen Mayan written languages developed by foreign anthropologists, the Academia has taken a singular step in the empowerment and unity of the Mayans.

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Contact Information

Oswaldo Jom Quej
Academia de las Lenguas Mayas
13 Calle 11-52, Zona 1 Apartado
Cuidad de Guatemala, Postal 1322 Guatemala
Tel. #: 502-2-23404
Fax #: 502-2-29342