Community Development Society - Alappuzha, India

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Category of Activity

Women and Children

Brief Description

Over 10,000 poor urban women in Alleppy have organized in a Community Development Society with the goal of getting out of the poverty cycle. After broad action-oriented research, they identified their target families and organized a democratic and participatory structure to influence town planning, housing and other basic needs. 80% of the community now has a safe water supply and sanitary latrines. The birth rate is lower and child immunization is close to 100%. They work across political, religious, caste and age barriers and have become a model for others in the region.

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Contact Information

K. Mohandas
Chief Patron
Community Development Society of Alappuzha
CDS Government Secretariat Trivandrum
Alleppey, Kerala, 695001 India
Tel. #: 91 471 69439