Communities Organized for Public Service, USA

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Category of Activity

Human Rights

Brief Description

COPS is a broad-based, multi-ethnic interfaith organization in 1200 neighbourhoods of San Antonio, Texas. It is dedicated to making democracy work and developing non-traditional leadership. COPS succeeds because it does more than mobilize voters, it mobilizes resources. Since its founding in 1974, COPS has helped channel more than $750 million dollars into inner-city neighbourhoods for new housing, streets, sidewalks, sewers, parks and libraries. Most importantly it has overcome a sense of powerlessness and united citizens of all races.

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Contact Information

Sister Consuelo Tovar
Communities Organized for Public Service
2300 West Commerce
San Antonio, Texas, 78283 USA
Tel. #: 1 210 222 2367
Fax #: 1 210 224 6060