Chipko Movement, India

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Category of Activity

Environment and Sustainable Development

Brief Description

From their origins as a spontaneous protest against logging abuses in Uttar Pradesh in the Himalayas, thousands of supporters of the Chipko movement, mainly village level women, have won bans on clear felling in an number of regions and influenced natural resource policy in India. The name of the movement comes from a word meaning "embrace". The women practiced satagraha - non-violent resistance, and interposed their bodies between the trees and the contractors' axes, thus becoming the environmental movement's first tree huggers. [Note: Did not participate in Study Conference in New York, 22-24 Sept. 1995]

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Contact Information

Sunderlal Bahuguna
Chipko Information Centre
P.O. Silyara via Ghansali
Tehri-Garhwal,U.P., 249155 India
Fax #: Delhi 91 11 4364914 or 4360784 Tehri 91 1376 84566